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Summary of SB800

                           Civil Code Section 910    


                           Civil Code Section 912







                          Civil Code Section 912(b)






                          Civil Code Section 912(c)



                          Civil Code Section 912(d)


                          Civil Code Section 913

                          Civil Code Section 916(a)

                          Civil Code Section 916(c)

                          Civil Code Section 917

Claimant gives notice to Builder of defects.

Within 30 days of a written request by Homeowner, the Builder shall provide copies of all relevant plans, specifications, maps or rough grading plans, final soil reports, Department of Real Estate public reports, and available engineering calculations that pertain to a Homeowners' residence specifically or as part of a larger development tract.

Builder shall provide to the Homeowner copies of all maintenance and preventative maintenance recommendations that pertain to his or her residence within 30 days of service of a written request for those documents.



Builder shall provide to the Homeowner the preventive maintenance and limited warranty information within 30 days.


Builder shall provide copies of all Builder’s limited contractual \warranties within 30 days.

Within 14 days of service of Notice to Builder, the Builder must acknowledge receipt of claim.


Within 14 days of acknowledgment of receipt of the claim the builder must complete the initial inspection.


Deadline for Builder's request for 2nd inspection is within 3 days of the initial inspection.


Within 30 days of the initial, or if requested second inspection, the Builder may make a written offer to repair.

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