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Maximizing Recovery


Our reputation as solid construction defect lawyers and case evaluators sets us apart from other firms, and nowhere is this more evident than in your ultimate recovery. Because we are known for our diligence and expertise, when we present your defect report, the scope of necessary repairs and a cost estimate for repair of the defects, defense counsel, adjustors, and mediators listen.

We obtain a recovery adequate to make all necessary repairs to your project. And not only do we maximize the recovery of your association, we do it faster.

Resolving the Case

We see to it that your board fully understands what kind of defects were found, what kind of repairs are recommended and how much it's really going to cost. We even get bids from bonded and insured contractors so that you won't risk accepting an amount that does not cover your actual costs for the repairs.


Then, with the board's complete understanding and authority, we are fully prepared to resolve the case and maximize your recovery from the moment we head into mediation. It is a tried-and-true methodology that results in fully funded repairs and satisfied homeowners.

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