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Brandon Kanner

Law Clerk



Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Sacramento

Mr. Brandon Kanner spent the last 15-years serving as an advocate for community associations
in a variety of managerial capacities. It was in that capacity, where Mr. Kanner first developed
an understanding and appreciation for the processes associated with residential development,
most notably, assisting new developments during the take-over, transition, and SB800 process.


This appreciation of the nuances of the residential development process compelled Mr. Kanner to
pursue a career in the field of law, of which he is in the final stages of completing his licensing
requirements. Once completed with his formal education, Mr. Kanner looks forward to growing
under the tutelage and experiences of other within the firm as he strives to become a zealous

Mr. Kanner, in addition to his professional duties, also serves on a number of Boards. He
currently sits on the board of directors for the Western Construction Consultant Association,
(“WESTCON”) an organization which is dedicated to the sharing of construction expertise, and
knowledge. In addition, he serves on a number of committees for the local chapter of the
Community Associations Institute, (“CAI”). And, lastly, he serves as president for his
community’s swim team.

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